Founder & Owner, Selina Barajas


Mrs. Selina Barajas was born and raised in Tucson and moved to the City of Angels in 2008 to receive her Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from UCLA. Selina has over ten years of experience advocating for social, cultural, and economic development initiatives for marginalized communities of color. Throughout the programs and services she oversaw, Selina has kept a similar vision of providing greater opportunity and dignity for the diverse communities she has worked with.

Although Selina currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Abraham and daughters, Sofia Luna and Mia Sol, she visits Tucson often and loves the town that helped raise her. Selina fondly remembers her nana (grandmother) referring to her and the rest of her nietas (grandkids) as “mi reina” or “my queen.”

My nana Erlinda (far left), tata Frank, tia Lydia and (baby) tio Frank

From an early age, Selina knew and comprehended the definition of “reina.”  She became empowered with the term and realized the meaning of reina.  Reina translates to much more than physical beauty, but strength, wisdom, empathy and compassion.  Selina feels blessed to be surrounded by women who carry these traits and the men who appreciate them.  Yet, at the same time, we as women also carry several burdens and baggage. These obstacles is what make women resilient and strong.  The inspiration behind Mi Reina Mobile Boutique is to reach the masses in Tucson and help bring the inner reina out of women.

Our grandmothers (Erlinda Gallego, Rosa Rodriguez, Isabel Solis and Maria Clara Barajas)
My mom and nana, Gracie Rodriguez who is my role model and supports our dreams.
My mother in law and abuelita, Rosa Irma Barajas who has treated me like her own daughter and also supports our visions.


As women, we go through different stages in life; we are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, partners, lovers, loners, divorcées, grandmothers, friends, and sadly, enemies. We carry different crowns throughout these stages.  Women are students, bosses, caregivers, workers, and overall magicians. Mi Reina will capture the essence of the complex and beautiful life we as women live.  The mobile boutique is more than fashion.  Mi Reina takes pride and ownership in knowing that each woman who visits this unique trailer has a story (and a story to share).

After becoming a mother to her baby girl, Selina knew that she wanted to help women, specifically mothers who go through the similar motherhood situations that she and her comadres endured. While preparing for motherhood, Selina soon realized that a woman’s body must undergo a lot to prepare for this role; this includes changing a whole new wardroom.   Yet, finding clothes that were comfortable, affordable and stylish was a difficult task.  It became Selina’s mission to find clothes that she could feel both beautiful and comfortable in and at the same time empowered in.   After her pregnancy, the transition did not stop there.  Selina found herself in a similar predicament of not knowing what to wear.  She was no longer the same woman and had to adjust mentally, physically and emotionally.   Selina strived her best to fight back from postpartum depression and what helped her feel radiant was the clothes she would wear, either it be relaxing on the couch or going to an event out in the city.  Clothes became an armor that would empower her and transform her attitude for the better. She also thanks her husband and daughters for inspiring and motivating her.

Pop-Up with baby Mia Sol in my womb!


Mi Reina boutique offers affordable, unique, stylish fashion choices: clothes, accessories, purses, and other products that help women feel like their inner queen. The mobile boutique focuses on women undergoing the various stages of life that womanhood has to offer from: young adulthood to that nana life.  Either it is your first day on campus, to getting dressed for a date, or a day out with the kids at the park; Mi Reina has you covered.

Mi Reina promotes the motto “Take a Chance.” Take a chance on that class.  Take a chance on going to dinner with someone new.  Take a chance on that new job.  Or just take a chance on YOU.  Take a chance on looking at your reflection and telling yourself that you are a queen! Take a chance on Mi Reina Mobile Boutique today.



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