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// co-author : Yvonne Garcia

As a working mom, it can be tough to take the time to invest in fashion and beauty styles. Sometimes a ponytail and lip gloss is best we can do (while carrying on our multiple roles and duties). But sometimes we want to go for all-out glam, or look our best for work or date nights.

That’s where Mi Reina Mobile Boutique can come in. Here at Mi Reina Mobile Boutique, we’re committed to providing fashion and beauty ideas that actually work for busy moms and women on the go; just like us! Mi Reina Mobile Boutique offers affordable, unique and stylish fashion pieces for young women to elders.  We hand select every item that we carry and invest in clothes and accessories that you can wear from work to the playground to a night out! Our motherhood Pop-Up will showcase our items on Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 9am-2pm at House of Neighborly Service (243 W 33rd Street, Tucson, AZ 85713). The items Mi Reina brings to our pop-ups are fashion items that I wore pre, during and post baby.  It is importable for us to share this with other women who are also going through various life transitions. We want each women to feel like she can wear each piece with confidence.   Moreover, it is important for us to not just display our clothes, but see them ‘in action’ before we sell to the community.


A couple months back (while hand selecting our latest outfits), I wanted to have a real mother from the community model our fashion finds.  Luckily, my ‘homegirl’ and #mobilereina mama, Yvonne was in Los Angeles and we were able to catch up over coffee, brunch and laughs! I was able to see her in action as a beautiful, patient and caring mother to her children.  When thinking of an inspirational mother, Yvonne was my go to!

We decided to meet up at my favorite cafe: Homegirl Café, which is located near Downtown Los Angeles.  Homegirl Cafe is a favorite farm-to-table breakfast and lunch spot where homegirls serve tables instead of serving time.  Homegirl Café offers an extensive training program empowering women and men to undertake what is often their first job in the restaurant industry and urban farming.  As trainees learn to grow, prep, and serve local and organic food, they grow in self-understanding  to pepare themselves to serve as leaders in their families and communities.  



Yvonne is a mother to three children, a wife, a sister and daughter. She is very family oriented and loves incorporating her children in everything she does. She loves to learn about desert medicines and foods in the Sonoran desert. Yvonne and her husband love the outdoors and creating hands-on learning experiences for their children. When she found out about my concept of Mi Reina Mobile Boutique, Yvonne thought it was such a beautiful dream and she wanted to support anyway she could.
“Mi Reina Mobile Boutique is a inspiration to all mothers. Selina had a beautiful dream to make a difference in women’s lives, allowing them to feel beautiful. Now, Selina has done it again! Bringing the Tucson community together to enjoy food, music and most importantly family.”  ~Yvonne Garcia

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.

Each clothing item fit her perfectly and comfortably.  She wore each dress and romper gracefully and I was able to see her in action with her family, which was an honor to witness! Yvonne is such a good mama and despite having a photo shoot inside the cafe (with several onlookers nearby), all of her children behaved and wanted to be part of Yvonne’s day.  It amazed me how each dress brought out different qualities out of Yvonne. She is so beautiful inside and out! I was also able to see how versatile each item was when wearing it.  As a mom, you want your clothes to be quality.  You also want your clothes to fit comfortably, yet stylish.  This is what Mi Reina will bring to you every time we are in town.   Everything Yvonne is wearing will be sold at our motHERHOOD Pop-Up (while supplies last)! 😍
Take a look:
You can catch Yvonne in action soon! She will be hosting a workshop at our upcoming motHERHOOD Pop-up:

Join us for a children’s hands on kitchen experience. We will be popping pop corn and amaranth to make alegria (popped amaranth bars). The focus is to center engagement with our children and familiarity with the fires in our home by cooking healthy Indigenous snacks.

The booth will be set up from 10am-Noon to pop, mix and shape some alegria. Caretaker participation encouraged, as cooking and food brings families together.
**By donation**amath


Author: mireinaboutique

Mi Reina Mobile Boutique is the most unique and innovative way to shop for clothes and accessories in Tucson and Southern Arizona. “Mi Reina” is in the process of becoming a fully renovated vintage trailer that offers more than fashion. Mi Reina’s goal is to make every person who visits the 1961 Siesta Liner to leave away feeling like a queen, inside and out. Every reina, or queen deserves to feel beautiful. Mi Reina Mobile Boutique made its debut in Fall 2016.

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