✦✦✦Dear New Year✦✦✦


Dear New Year,

HELLO 2017!!! Before moving forward, I would like to thank you, 2016!  2016 will forever be a year to remember for Mi Reina Mobile Boutique.  It was the year we launched and became “official.”  It was exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.  Before going forth with Mi Reina, there was an array of emotions from happiness, relief to doubt, to anxiousness and A LOT of self questioning; like “How is this going to happen?” or “Can we really run a business?” But I can proudly say that we are MAKING HERSTORY happen!!! And 2016 was just the beginning!

Before turning 32, I told myself ‘this has to happen now, or never.’ I chose NOW!  I often think, “Who will my daughter look up to?”  “Who will she hope to aspire to be?” and “What and who is influencing her?” I hope I have a huge impact on my daughter but I know that the world is bigger than me. We live in what I coin as the ‘Kardashian Era’.  Although I have to respect their business hustle, I feel like there has to be something more powerful than just taking selfies.  Hence, why now more than ever we, #mobilereinas have to reclaim space and empower one another. This is why I say Mi Reina is more than fashion.  To me fashion is armor that we must wear  to prepare us for the day ahead.  Armor is defined as (by Merriam-Webster):

: the metal coverings formerly worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle

: defensive covering for the body; especially : covering (as of metal) used in combat

: a quality or circumstance that affords protection <the armor of prosperity>

: a protective outer layer


Yes, armor or fashion is necessary, but if we do not feel comfortable and confident in our ‘armor’, we won’t be fully ready to take on our daily celebrations and battles.  Moreover, before we put on our ‘armor,’ we must feel ready internally: emotionally, spiritually, and physically.   We must feel strong, beautiful and wise inside and out!  I want to make sure that when we put on our ‘armor’, we are more than ready to step out and be prepared for whatever life throws our way. Mi Reina wants to help you wear your ‘armor’ with pride. My hope is that legacies will be born and left behind with Mi Reina Mobile Boutique.

Now, looking ahead…2017 will be a fun adventure! Throughout this year, we will be offering empowering and engaging workshops, events and conversations (face to face and online).   I want to leave behind a little ‘sparkle’ wherever we park the trailer.  We hope you can join us for the ride because it sure will be a journey to remember.  Thank YOU for supporting Mi Reina Mobile Boutique and special thank you to my family for helping make my visions come true.  Here we go!!!



Mi Reina Mobile Boutique & Family




Author: mireinaboutique

Mi Reina Mobile Boutique is the most unique and innovative way to shop for clothes and accessories in Tucson and Southern Arizona. “Mi Reina” is in the process of becoming a fully renovated vintage trailer that offers more than fashion. Mi Reina’s goal is to make every person who visits the 1961 Siesta Liner to leave away feeling like a queen, inside and out. Every reina, or queen deserves to feel beautiful. Mi Reina Mobile Boutique made its debut in Fall 2016.

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