The Wizard of Oz • Who is the Man Behind the Curtain?

Few years ago, I envisioned myself operating a mobile boutique. Something bigger than fashion.  Something that would help reach the masses in Tucson.   I felt like this venture would be something my whole family could get involved in and feel proud of.  This past summer, while spending time at my parents house in Tucson, I noticed a piece of ‘junk’ in my backyard.  This ‘junk’ was an abandoned vintage trailer.   I refer to the trailer as “junk” because according to my dad, several visitors questioned him on why this useless trailer was sitting in my parent’s backyard?  When I first laid my eyes on the trailer, I didn’t see it as a piece of junk but as Mi Reina Mobile Boutique. When I shared my excitement and idea with my dad he already understood me.  My dad, Rene is a busy, handyman and sees beauty in what people often throw away. He can fix anything that is broken. Ever since I could remember, my dad was always working on a project.  Either welding something, cleaning his horse corrals, fixing up our house or driving around town looking for parts…like I said, my dad was and still is ALWAYS working on something.  I admire him for his work ethic.  My dad installed that work hustle in me.  He also taught me that everyone has a trait and not to overlook anything. I grew up watching people come help my dad with his side projects.  All of these people have become good friends and my dad offers his support when they need it.  In return, they offer their help to my dad when he needs them.  I have seen these handymen throughout my years.  I know painters, welders, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, cowboys, you name it, I have seen them. This village of handymen are now raising Mi Reina back to life.  They have come to my dad’s side to help him with the vintage trailer renovation.  The once ‘junk’ was never ‘junk’ but a beautiful treasure that is being rediscovered. The trailer is becoming the queen once again.

When I began dreaming about this mobile boutique concept, I already knew who was going to be the mastermind behind the renovation.  Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I needed someone to “run the show” from behind the curtain.  Hence, I needed an Oz! I needed someone to perform elaborate magic tricks on the 1961 Siesta Liner Trailer.  This someone is of course…my DAD! My dad is performing magic on this vintage trailer and I cannot believe the transformation before my eyes!   He has come so far  in such a short amount of time (less than a month)!  I am so proud of you dad.

Check out the latest renovation in the slideshow below! Still more magic to come…

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Author: mireinaboutique

Mi Reina Mobile Boutique is the most unique and innovative way to shop for clothes and accessories in Tucson and Southern Arizona. “Mi Reina” is in the process of becoming a fully renovated vintage trailer that offers more than fashion. Mi Reina’s goal is to make every person who visits the 1961 Siesta Liner to leave away feeling like a queen, inside and out. Every reina, or queen deserves to feel beautiful. Mi Reina Mobile Boutique made its debut in Fall 2016.

4 thoughts on “The Wizard of Oz • Who is the Man Behind the Curtain?”

  1. This is amazing!!!! I love it all 🤗 Congratulations on making your vision a reality ☄ I wish you much success & know you will do amazing 👐 I’m excited to see it up & running & experience “Mi Reina”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Alejandra! I can’t wait for you to experience Mi Reina! We will launch this November, so I will keep you posted. ps. Watching your posts and seeing everything you do is inspiring. “EMPOWERED WOMEN, EMPOWER WOMEN!”


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